Front spring preload kit (FSP/FSK), the use of lightweight aluminum preload tube with high-strength steel to make large-pitch travel. This kit increased the capacity of higher load, but the overall weight of the spring is lighter. 
  FSP/FSK has 16mm adjustable pre-load travel that allows rider to quickly and efficiently set their own ideal setting under most condition. 
  Using with high-performance rear shock riders can easy reach the style of Gears pursue, 
lightweight, fast and balanced handling.




● Adjustable Spring Preload
  16mm adjustable pre-load travel, designed with scale mark on the side of adjustment bar.
  The rider can quickly and efficiently fine tune the harmonic balance between the front and rear suspension to achieve the desired settings for street or track.

● Ferrosilicon Chromium Spring
  The spring is constructed using ferrosilicon chromium steel (SAE9254)for a higher tensile strength over OE. 
  The strong and durable ferrosilicon chromium spring allows us to make the pitch larger then reduce the overall coil count from OE, so turnout the spring lighter.


● Built-In Thrust Needle Roller Bearings (NTN)
  Preload adjusters utilize thrust needle roller bearings to helps reduce surface friction when adjusting preload.


 Light Weight Aluminum Tube
  Reinforced lightweight aluminum tube weighs significantlylighter than the OE factory tube.


 Easy Installation Without Oil Change
  FSP System can be installed without changing the front fork oil.But 15W or higher weight oilis recommended for optimal performance.


● Warranty
  FSP is covered by a 5 year limited warranty.If spring length decline of more than 5%, free for replacement.