EV is equipped with a larger internal chamber to contain more fluid and high-pressuregas to assist with heat dissipation. 
  By combining rebound and spring preload adjustability, the user can easily to find theirownideal riding preferencesettings. 
  EV is made for the beginner rider who want to take the first step to upgrade the bike's handling.




● Monotube -Oil -Gas Separation Design
  The shock absorption cylinder adopts the monotube with oil and gas separation design. 
  Monotube is excellent for heat dissipation, effectively reducing the working temperature of the damping oil. 
  Large-size piston is the basic platform forwide-range damping force setting, and oil-gas separation is to protect the damping oil from cavitation and to stabilize the damping force.


● Wide Range Piston Valve
  High-sensitivity wide range piston valve, smooth oil-passage design with large piston helps torque variation, so that helps to reduce the simple harmonic motion's damping force at low, medium and high speed shock movement.


● Adjustable Spring Preload + Pre-Set Gas Pressure
  Spring preload adjustability provides the user the ability to set their own ideal riding preference. 
  By actuarial built-in high-pressure inert gas that widen the setting of spring compression's range with easy adjustment.


● Rebound Adjustability
  15 clicks of reboundadjustabilityallowsthe riderto finelytune theirown idealsuspension damping settings.


● Gas Chamber Increased
  Under Boyle's law and ideal gas law theory, the original internal volume of the air chamber is enlarged in a limited space so that the compressed gas chamber volume will not be too small to generate high temperature.


● Height Adjustability*
  Some bikesallow for height adjusting(*Maximum 5mm).


● Warranty
  All EV shocks are covered by 12 month limited warranty since the original date of