Front Fork Cartridge , Gears engineers use high-sensitivity pistons and pneumatic spring preloading mechanisms to create a detailed damping force that effectively eliminates low-to-medium-speed shocks and also provides positive force. 
  To the force, the use of damping force adjustment can reduce the shift of the center of gravity that generated by the vehicle and the acceleration, greatly shorten the braking distance, and the riders or the real track that knows how to use the center of gravity to operate the vehicle. 
  It is a product for mid- to-high-end professional riders or track engineers.




● Two-Way Damping Adjustment ( 250T )
  The soft and hard damping force can be adjusted according to the owner's needs. 
  The independent Reboand side (Reb) and compression side (Com) separation adjustment with the specialized needle angle, to make a wide range of damping force adjustment, to provide the driver with detailed damping force change requirements.


● Air Preload System / APS ( 250S )
  The air pressure preloading mechanism can quickly set the required amount of sinking by using the constant pressure aps filling method according to the owner's SAG demand (250S) series.


 Spring Preload Adjustable
  The spring preload can be adjusted slightly according to the rider's requirements. 
  The upper edge of the front fork has preloaded knobs (15MM). 
  It is saving time to adjust 1MM for one rotation.


● DAMP. (250S) Damping Force Synchronization Adjustment
  Damping method is designed for single damper inner tube (250S) series.


● High Sensitivity Wide-Range Valve Piston
  High-sensitivity wide-rang valve piston, smooth oil passage design large piston and damping changes provide the force required for shock during low-to-high-speed (wide-range) operation (SHM).


● Chrome Steel Reinforced Spring
  Spring is made of SAE9254 chrome steel to make a lightweight spring with a larger pitch.


● Light Weight Inner Tube
  A large number of high-strength and lightweight aluminum alloy materials are used to effectively reduce the weight of the spring.