Front fork damping system FDS (Frok Damper System) especially for small diameter front forks (inner diameter less than 32mm). 

It was developed by the vehicle. 

The small caliber front fork is limited by the internal space and is not suitable for inserting the inner tube box (FFC-250).

In order to maintain performance, large flow and big piston have become the GEARS' idea.

The wide area damping force (W.R.V.P) created by the FDS and the large piston of the same pitch of the inner barrel correspond to different weights. 

Adjusted with the preload used on the track and reduced the content to obtain a large amount of oil to avoid heat exhaustion.

FDS greatly reduces the shift of center of gravity due to braking and acceleration, and precise directivity, providing a high-end chassis players and professional bikers.




● Preload Adjuster

  Use 12mm Socket To Set Up Tolerance,1mm For One Fully Turn,Max Tolerance 10± 0.5mm,Please Refer Side Maker.


 NTN Needle Bearing

  NTN Needle Bearing,Reduce Friction.


 Light Weight Preload Spacer Tube

  Pay Attention When Install,Black Plastic Part Face To Spring Side,Measure Precisely From Spring And Travel To Maximum  Performance For Light Weight.


 Enhanced Spring

  SAE9254 Silicon Steel Materail For Spring,Maximum Light Weight.


 Wide Range Valve Piston(W.R.V.P)

       Eliminates Unnecessary Vertical Motions During Actuation. 
  S.M.H. Provides Oprimal Normal Force To The Wheel Which Results In Maximun Static Friction Force.


 Redesign Light Weight Piston Rod

       Redesigned Light Weight Piston Rod Is Designed To Increase Oil Capacity Within The Shocks Which Can Stabilize Oil Temperatures. 
       Rod Is Made From Aerospace Grade  Aluminum For Its Strength And Light Weight Properties.